Where are my plants at

I’m back that new grower who’s trying to learn maybe someone can help me I’ve been trying to see where I am at as far as Harvest Time I am sending some pics I hope they’re okay if not please let me know I will try to get better pictures thanks for your time

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From what I can see from those pic’s I would say at least 2 more weeks. Still a lot of white pistil’s

Thanks for your advice preciate it

I’m new too, from what I read and look at u need to get a jewelry loupe ? Thing to look through. VIVOSUN 30X-60X Jewelers Loupe Magnifier With LED Light 13.99 or something like that, I’m in week 4 so I’m waiting another month before I grab one. I have 3 autos that I can’t wait to see them looking like yours, congrats and good luck

Thanks man I appreciate it preciate the help how to make a good luck on your grow bro take care

Pics of the whole plant help, but for a reference, this plant is on day 79 from flip, and still has a couple weeks to go. Maybe this will help you judge yours. I have no amber trichs yet.

Are you growing outdoors

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How long have they been in flower
Are they auto’s or photo’s
Indoor or outdoor
From what I can see in those pictures you still have a lot of white pistols
Do you have pictures of whole plant

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