Where am I with my grow stage

Hi. As you know this is my first grow and I am in a bit of a quandary. I think my plants are 1 week into flower but I am not sure please can you advise also the top of my plant is 9” below my led light should I pinch the top out

I was told to be very careful at this stage so my nerves are a wreck so any help would be appreciated

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When you take pictures please use natural light and the pics you posted are very hard to see much of anything.
Are you experiencing any issues with light burn at the top of the plant?
What light fixture are you using? From the wall watts?
Do you have any more room to raise the light?
Looks like your inter nodal spacing is pretty big and that says to me the light isn’t intense enough to keep the nodes tight.
If you have no more room to raise the light you could top it if you have too.

Don’t know if this helps but someone else may chime in and correct you or me as to best course to take.

Good luck with the grow


Just what I was going to say. You could also supercrop or even just gently bend the whole gal over and lower the light closer to the whole plant. Don’t be too nervous, you’re doing great. You made it this far, and everyone’s here to help. :+1:


Thank you

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Your plants looks like into week 3 of flower.

Definitely looks to be in h flowering stage. But in that light it’s really hard to say with 100% certainty.