Where am I? Probably more than one answer…

Hey y’all.

I’ll give you my description of my setup. If you could help me define where I am in the cycle, and what I need to do to get it back in track, and for future grows, that’d wonderful. Admittedly, I started smoking a lot more in the interim, and have been pretty lazy when it comes to research lately. Wonder why. Also, listening to some of the people my family, they say all my plant needs is water. Well, I got some yellowing. So let’s see where I went wrong. Or need more care next time.

-White widow Autoflower seeds from here.
-AC infinity CloudLab 3x3 tent.
-260W XL QB V2 Rspec LED Kit.
-medium grow kit 5 gallon from apotforpot (more on that later)
-AC Infinity 6” exhaust fan with Bluetooth controller

That’s what I have. The idea was to start 2 plants at the same time. One in the medium kit from apotforpot and the other was going to just be started in the jiffy pellet and transported to Fox Farm Ocean Forest. I wanted to see what the difference would be between the 2 plants. To then determine if I would need more kits when I do multiple grows. Well that didn’t work. Only one came through, so I used the kit. Could’ve been a watering issue. Idk.

So here’s where I am. I will attach pictures but one whole side of the plant is turning yellow and seems to be drying out? I water it with the can from the kit, once every other day. Is that enough? Too much? I really am not sure. Also, I’m not sure if I’m actually in the flowering stage now, and should change my light over to 12/12. It’s on 18/6 right now btw. My questions.

-What stage am I in? And should I change my light over? I know it doesn’t matter much with AF seeds, but still

-What could the yellow be caused from? Is it fixable, and regardless, how do I prevent it for next time?

-Am I watering too much? Not enough?

-What else do I need to help this be more successful next time? Ph meter I presume? I didn’t get one yet. But if it helps, I’ll have to do it before the next crop.

-Will I need another kit? Or is the FFOF going to cut it for me next time?

I think that’s it for now. I appreciate all of your help. And I do listen and take suggestions.

As a side note, I haven’t smoked (before this year) for almost 20 years. Whether it was family, or because of my job. Being in an office now and not a line tech, I’ve been able to start smoking again. Wow. It’s an absolute life changer. It makes me wonder what I have missed for 20 years. I feel like I am a better father, husband, person. If any of you have anxieties or childhood trauma, then you know. This has literally cleared space in my head, that I didn’t even know was rented. It’s incredible. So being able to come here for support with growing my own stash, is tremendously helpful, and I thank you.


Your plant is flowering definitely flowering I say 5 6 weeks already or more. The color is changing because in flowering she needs nutrition also she started consuming herself that’s why you got fall colors going on. She’s beautiful so you did a good job.

The dead leaves are in the bottom you can remove those. Start feeding her some nutrtiotion.

If you have a microscope check trichomes so we know exactly how far you are…

Your lights are great autos can finish on a 18/6 but by switching you will help the bud get denser.


Autos don’t like been transplanted that much so next grow just start straight in the final pot


Thank you very much. Appreciated. As far as nutes go. I have none so far. What should I be getting? And is there a guideline on how much/when to do it? I will get a look at the trichomes tonight and let you know. Thanks!

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I use Jack’s 321 from start 2 end. But you gonna have to order and will take few days if you go that route.

Find a nursery by you or homedepot,walmart and lowes also have fertilizers try to find something that has good npk numbers for now so she can finish up.

You would feed any time your soil is dry or light depends the method you do. Right now I feed my girls once a week. Every watering is also feeding since I got mix my chemical with water.

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For your next grow. Your soil can be water for the first 3 weeks it has enough nutes for the ladies. After that you would start checking ppm for a feeding schedule. You got it down

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Thank you again!! I will order Jacks now and stop at a nursery on the way home. Regarding the watering. I’ve been going every other day, approx 1 quart. Is that too much? Guess I never really figured that out.

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You’ve done a nice job with an autoflower so far. You have good equipment and are apparently paying attention. The pink color is phosphorus def and a regimen of Jack’s will boost the P levels up to where you need it. Leaves already damaged will not recover so look to new growth for improvement.

I’d say you are in week 5 of flower with 3 to 4 weeks to go.


I don’t measure how much I feed. I measure the run off I look for 10% to 15% so salt don’t build up in the soil.

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Thanks again everyone. I’m ordering the Jacks stuff tonight for the next crops. Won’t make it in time for this one.

I’m the meantime, I am stopping tonight for some fertilizer. My local carries Jacks Classic Orchid Special 7-5-6. Will that work for this plant right now?

Actually, I found this at Lowe’s near me. 24-8-16. Sta-Green all purpose water soluble. This will probably be better for the time being.


@SilvaBack203 @Myfriendis410 will either of the above work for my current situation?

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I wouldn’t use it. Where are you looking locally and what are your available choices? You need something high in P and K and low in N. If nothing else look at amendments for tomatoes.

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Damn. Neither one? Ok. How high of a number am I looking for? Locally I have Lowe’s, Home Depot and CountryMax. CountryMax carries some fox farm stuff , but not a ton in stock. Appreciate all your help so far.

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Why not just order this? Plant will be fine until your stuff comes in.

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Thank you sir. Ordered. Will be here Friday. I will read up on them a bit. Should I be using all three right now?

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Sorry 4 the delay. @Myfriendis410 got you cover

Happy growing. Keep us updated


Download a grow schedule based on the type of grow style i.e. coco, soil, hydro etc and follow that. Most of the grow schedules are published in 700 scale (U.K.) vs our 500 scale: I would recommend mixing to around 1,000 ppm for your feeding. It would also be good to do a runoff test of the TDS to see what salt buildup you may (or may not) have in the medium.