When's the time to top or super crop my plants?

I’m about 2 weeks into Veg. I’ve been reading a lot up on how to get a bigger yield and I am also a beginner grower. I have ten white widows and I want them to have BIG yields. Some techniques I have researched and plan on doing are the super cropping or the topping. I would like to know which would be better and is now a good time to start doing this or wait a couple more weeks???

Rock, first up Welcome to ILGM…

I myself would give them another week a least.
Here is a pic of mine that I just topped 3 days ago.
They are 3 1/2 weeks into vegg.

You can blow the pic up to get better. There about a week or so ahead of yours
I hape this helps ya buddy


I would wait at least a week before topping. But with super cropping, it’s really up to you. If you do it correctly, I would say it’s possible you can do it now. I’m not recommending you do it though if you’re not experienced with it. I just did it today to my Blueberry I have growing. I did it to half of her shoots, and next week, after she has time to recover, I’ll do it to the other half. It’s a simple concept, but really easy to screw up. If done wrong you can kill branches, or even open your plant to possible diseases or problems which could kill your whole plant! When done correctly, it’s awesome. I do it to every plant now, in some form or another.

I recommend watching videos and reading more about it before you do it. But you should definitely do it once you learn more! Hope this helps

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