When your consistent in all aspects just watch them thrive!


Hardly any fluctuations i

n my game …
Soil ph 6.8
Humidity 44 to 45
Temp 74 to 75 day and night
It’s amazing what autos do in this climate …
Red poisons are less then 10 days old about three inches tall with some nice leafs no nutes as of yet …


What led are you running and what is your starting distance from yor seedling? Thanks bro :v:


I’m running 3 hydromars 192 reflector series each one 450 hps equivalent so 1350 watts at about 16 inches up they are thriving brother


Oh wow, me likey​:grin: I’m thinking of getting a 300w dimmable and an 800w cob :smirk: Pretty soon here just going through reviews and whatnot. Not rushing is more the terms. Lol


This the day I started my set up man


Very clean box​:+1::grin::clap: good job, I like those air pots! What size are they?


5 gal :+1::+1::+1::+1:


You can check out my set up. Go to judge my set up it will show everything I have in it :grin:


Bird is the word. You got it brother, looking now​:+1::grin: