When you switch to 100 percent light

Hey y’all! When do you all switch from 75 percent veg light to 100 percent bloom light? At what week of bloom do you all switch to 100 percent light? Here are my plants… At 75 percent light
… should I flip to 100?


They look happy at 75%, 100% might be too much. I’d download the photone app on your phone and measure what your getting at the canopy.


Agree with @Dave101. My flower tent lighting is at 50% with a DLI of 45-52 across the canopy :love_you_gesture:


Agree with the others it depends on your light and the area covered you may never have to turn your light all the way up but on the flip side you can have it all the way and not have enough. The best way to tell is buy a proper light meter (expensive) or the photone app then read @Nicky DLI thread that @Dave101 linked

I don’t think you need a light meter. Guys when you buy a light it tells you the exact power and levels you will get from various distances. There’s no guessing because the lights tell you the power you get and gram per space!!!

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Some do. Others lie thru their teeth! And pay for good reviews, whether warranted or not.

A light meter will tell you the truth.


For me, 25% max flower power until transition (640W is my max in a 4x4), 50% during flip week, 75% during week 3-4 flower, 100% final 2 weeks. More is not better and does not encourage faster growth.

Overloading light too early will fry you in the long run and make your plants run out of light when they need it most in late flower (if the knobs already 100, there’s nothing you can do all of flower unless you get a bigger light). I like to let my plants grow into the high intensity.

Wow peoples perspectives are so interesting and usually just not on point…
For example, I just learned that my light suggest 75 percent for veg, and 50 percent for seedling. Well for a entire year I did not know, and I have 5 perfect auto harvest with light power set at 100 for 20 hours on from seedling! Plants came out perfect and they are loved by everyone. Here are pictures of plants grown on 100 percent light from seedling with Marshydro 730 watt light.


People are relaying their experience: don’t discount what is said…

Too little light and flower yields will suffer. Too much light and you are simply paying the electric meter.

I run my own lights made diy out of Samsung EB strips: I have found over time that I don’t need over 200 watts in flower per plant in my grow space to deliver 10+ oz. of dried flower per plant. Am I wasting energy? Perhaps. Are my plants happy? Yes they are.


Well said, I appreciate your attitude! :v: :slightly_smiling_face:


:point_up_2: I’m going to disagree with this statement from personal experience. Some of the stated hanging distances might get you close but not ideal or optimum for bud development. 4 of my HLGs don’t have dials but an adjustment screw under a plug on the driver and to adjust intensity or height for proper DLI a meter is needed :love_you_gesture:

Lights came a long way…led are a later evolution of the hlg. Different type of light.

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Happy Birthday Grow Bro but an LED light is an LED light. Some are built with better quality material like Samsung diodes B and H series with the H series being the latest and better efficiency :love_you_gesture:

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I got confused , I thought the hlg wasn’t a led

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You may have confused HLG with HPS/MH?? It happens, I screw abbreviations and acronyms up all the time :joy::love_you_gesture:


Sorry if I did something. Wasn’t aware.

Avoided buying a meter for 10 months, and now I regret the wasted time. My collection of lights
was mostly purchased years ago and from cheapies. Time and electricity being expensive, good lighting is probably cheaper than the China cheapies. The light meter is better than the phone app. More recording, user friendly, and easier the utilize than the app. The Kil-a-watt meter and the light meter will give the numbers that must be improved to get a better grow.
The china cheapies do have one advantage, IMO. A novice grower, may never get the correct grow conditions or may not transition to forever growing, and may quit growing, then less money spent is better.
I have extra lights to sell, good for begining grower, good for seedlings, clones, and vegging (20-500watts). Springtime flea market/junk swaps?

I am a true believer of mars hydro led. I use there top lights and it’s drip city! Way better results then dispensaries… Never calculate light with meter