When you say flowering time 9 or 10 weeks is that from seed to harvest or just flowering time?

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

when you say flowering time 9 or 10 weeks is that from seed to harvest or just flowering time?

Just flowering time


IF the text says S2H that is seed to harvest.

If text says…10 weeks flowering…it means 10 weeks of flowering AFTER switching to 12/12 schedule.

Dun be surprised if you have to go longer. The Lady will tell you when she is ready to harvest by color of trichomes.

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I have 2 white rhino 100% indica plants that popped and have been growing for 8weeks 3days at what point do I switch the lights to 12/12 ?

Also I only have one tent, which happens to have 3 Autos growing at the same time, they are currently on week 4 day 2. If I switch to 12/12 will it affect the autos?

I was thinking of letting the White Rhinos Veg until all 6 of my Autos are harvested ( mid August) for the last set. According to this site they take approximately 9-10weeks to fully flower, of course they will let me know when they are ready. Would enjoy hearing your opinions.

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Here are a few snapshots of the rhinos

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No autos grow thru their stages regardless of lighting schedule. If you run both photo and autos together use the photo schedules.


Is your tent big enough for all of them?

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@beardless I have a 5Lx5Wx72H tent with the 3 autos and two White Rhinos photo, currently in there. Being lit by the SF-4000 currently running at 50% at 225watts.

@SKORPION I thought the same, but didn’t want to mess with their growth.

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It somewhat common to mix photos w/ autos. Like @SKORPION the photos control the light schedule.
ILGM seed info says WR is average size (pretty worthless description) 2months is long time to veg. Are you planning on major training if you go that route?


@beardless being a beginner on my first grow, All I have done is topped each photo plant and LST each just once. I wasn’t planning on anything crazy this time around. Just looking to develop good growing/maintenance practices through my first grow. Will be purchasing a few Durban poison seeds after I harvest my first Autos and trying them out in my still in the box new DWC hydroponics system for my 2nd Grow.

Would you suggest switching to a 12/12 cycle for the tent then and start these two on their flowering journey?

Sf 4000 should probably be run at full power vegging a 5x5. It’s something like a 450 watt light right? Looking at par map anything outside of 3x3 footprint looks pretty low.

@dbrn32 you are correct sir, wattage at 100% is 450W I had them at full, but one of the plants started to get major leaf curlage so I raised it up to 24" and reduced back to 225W or 50% and the curling has since started to subside.

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Do you have good intensity out to edges with it at 24"?

@dbrn32 Yes sir, has a very nice covering footprint

Can u clone autos