When you clone do u wait till there is three levels of leves

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sure it does give you better odds of success if you cut through a node leaf stem which would leave you with 2 complete sets but you can clone with less just not as easy the plant takes stored energy to produce new roots so more leafs better odds

alright cool thanks I. Just wanted to know if I was going the right way right now she is only two months and two days old and 33" inches tall now is she too young to Start the cloning there are multiply places that have two complete sets

You should not clone a plant until it is at least 1 month old, 5-6 weeks from seed, or rooting. Until this time, Cannabis plants are not mature enough to take quality cuttings from. You may take cuttings from a clone a week or 2 earlier because a cloner takes the age of it’s mother. Not too early though. Let the mother get healthy before stressing her by chopping off limbs :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


o ok well I’m in week 8 of veg and she is doing really good

Just remember you have to have a strong stock. And always remember make her think it’s spring time for her to be happy

Let me know what you think about her

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Your doing fine just wanted to say its better when mothering to bush out your plants. I like to keep vegging for 2 months before taking clones. Give it time to get hearty before hacking.