When will I use bloom nuts?


Hey guys! Its my very first grow and About 1 week ago some white pistils came out of the top but only there…no other places yet I think… I know this is one of the pre flowering phase sign and I was asking myself when I should start giving her bloom nuts??
…If you got the answer thank you!:slight_smile:


Did you Flip to 12/12 yet?


Nope its an autoflower and I will not flip the lights time because the plant is in the same rooms than other plants wich arent autos and still veg…


If you’re seeing pistils then start feeding bloom nutes now.


Should get urself sum bud ignitor and start bloom nuts asap!..


Make sure u cut down ur nitrogen intake to 1/4 of what u usally feed …


This is what i see


And the nuts ill use are 2-2-4


Yup go for it