When we say its First week of flowering

Hello just need to ask when to say thats is the first week of flowering when we switch to 12/12 or when the first pistils appears ? :green_heart::heart:

Gidday. I count from flip but time don’t mean much. Harvest when ever they at level of cloudy or amber that you prefer. Best of luck👍


With autos I count it as soon as I see them clustering up

Count from when pistils appear just remember flowering times from breeders are a rough guide


This is generally the accepted point. 65 day flowering plant, if counted from the flip could be as little as 45 days which obviously means plant isn’t mature yet.


It was explained to me that first day of flower is 7-10 days after plant displays sex. I could be wrong

That’s not a bad generalization - I usually find that its 9-12 days after 12/12 before I see real clearly defined flowers.