When watering plants is it ok to pour water directly on top of the plants

both of my plants just popped out of the soil, one of the plants has white fertilizer rocks that is in my soil sticking to it, is it ok to pour water directly on top of the plant to get the fertilizer rocks that are sticking to it off of it ?

Yea u want to get that stuff off it.
it might cause the plant to burn

That sounds like perlite. Lightly mist with spray bottle if need be. Never sprat fertilizer in them. Seedlings should not be placed in soil with fertilizer until they develop some roots. Notably, by 4-5 sets of true leaves.

I have 3 ak47 fem seeds started 5 week ago and just went to 12/12 light cycle. One of my plants had deformed leaves for the first six leaves and started slow. I am useing mirical grow potting soil. The one slow plant has caught up and getting big then the other two although not as bushy. It grows with stagerd branches in stead of paired. No flowers yet so i don’t know sex yet. Anybody know why or what i am doing wrong. All three plants are 15" tall very bushy. No fertilizer till bloom 0-10-10 . i am trimming some every couple of days just taking big leaves that shade new tops. It taste green but it gets you high cant wait for the real budds. 600 watts t-5 blubs

The weird leaf and weird growth might just be the way the DNA paired up, lol, you can never guarantee what will come out of a seed 100%


Thanks i am pleased with grow so far

No problem, happy growing.


What causes small Browns spots to appear on my leaves only the mature leaves and not very many of them plants otherwise are doing great I’ve been pruning them for about a week just trying to send him down to let the light get to the immature growth should I continue to be able to prune them or are the brown spots another problem

What is your pH? Brown spots sounds like a deficiency, and a pH outside of optimal is likely to blame.

Pruning large healthy leaves is generally not recommended.

I think training and pruning to keep all the “tops” getting good light is best, but this has to be employed from beginning to the end of the grow. Topping and training in a “mainlining” like technique is used to achieve this, creating a plant that grows with multiple “tops” and might resemble a candelabra, of sorts.

Others, like Latewood, believe in no pruning or no training that isn’t low stress training, and instead using side lighting and bending large leaves out of the way, part of low stress training, gently bending, no breaking or cutting.


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