When triming bud should you pull every tiny leaf off or trim it?

I just harvested my auto berry and I am trimming it I have been trimming mostly by hand with out scissors by pulling all the leaves off but there are some really tiny leaves that are stuck inside the bud. i have been pulling them out to the best of my ability, is pulling all the tiny leaves off the correct way or should I be trimming it ? and am I wasting any good smoke by pulling the tiny leaves off ?

Use scissors if possible.
I leave some of the smaller leaves on to protect trichomes on the bud during storage. I would rather that than leave it on container walls. The thc is what you did it for. Smoke the leaves with the bud, or not.
Save them and try cooking with the trim. Make bubble hash.
Look for trichomes on the tray you trim on…small, sand like grains.

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Pull fan leaves if possible - use of small scissors is a must !! - for all remaining leaves