When Trichomes turn amber

So my Pineapple Express autoflower is almost ready to harvest, BUT, i lost track of what week its on. so all ive been doing is watching the hairs turn orange and checking the trichomes to see if any have started turning amber. So far i dont see any. Its been in flower for well over a month now, so my question is, Do trichomes only turn amber once you flush it? or is it just over time like i assume? I was just going to keep giving it nutes until the first sign of amber then flush it for a day (its rdwc hydro) then harvest it. I think i have a few more weeks to go.

Here are some pictures, i couldnt get any good magnified pics of the trichomes, but theyre still clear/cloudyish

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They turn amber over time. Usually 8-10 weeks of flowering. Be sure to check the buds and not the sugar leaves.
Id say you have at least 3 weeks left.


Agree with a few weeks to go yet. They’ll still fill out some more (assuming you have good lighting.)