When to water till run off

Good morning all my question is how big or how many sets of leaves does the plant need to water to run off? Right now a couple plants that have 3 sets of leaves and I’m just watering when dry and no run off. Thank you

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Good question. I’ve only started to water to run off and I’m in week 9 of Veg. I probably should have been doing it for a while now.

I usually start around the time she’s old enough to be topped. So around 4-5 nodes


I start later than others. I want to make sure that the plant and root system is capable of drying the soil out within a few days. It’s usually after the period when pH and PPM problems are a risk when I start watering to runoff. Usually 6 to 8 weeks into veg.


Am the oddball, I guess. I learned from Hellraiser, pretty much start to finish, keep the salts and buildup out.


I have always watered to runoff. As soon as the plant looks established I water until I see a little coming out the bottom. I don’t flood I just like to see that little pool start to form and that’s enough


Ok thanks for the info this is new to me and I don’t want to screw it up. I used to just toss some seeds in the spring and see what happened in the fall but that was over 40 years ago lol.

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I water to run off from from the beginning (seed in solo cup), but I use appropriate size containers to plant size and do a couple transplants during the grow.


I am on my very first grow im still leaning so much. I haven’t yet came Into a problem… knock on wood. I fear I will when I flower. Mainly because I am so neew and haven’t checked ph I don’t know much about nutrients and deficiencys. Im seven weeks in and they are huge and absolutely amazing. I’m flowering in one week. I’m just curious about this water run off thing. Do I have to do this I do feed it liquid nuts. I have then in 12 gallon pots feeding about a gallon of water ever 2 to 3 days

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Hello @Wanna-be-a-farmer welcome to the team. If you need to get anyone’s attention put @ in front of their user name and it will bring them over for a chat. You might want to start your own journal, it keeps all your questions and answers in the one place. I generally water to runoff and then watch to see how quickly my plants draw the water back up. It gives me an idea of the plants hydration levels. I also take some of that water up in a big syringe and check my ph and ec levels. It gives me an idea of what nutrition levels are like within the soil. Just remember that they don’t like sitting in water though