When to water? 2-3 weeks in flower

hey i have 4 autoflowers that are in their 2nd to 3rd week of flower in 5 gallon pots. i have been watering them every 3 days with about 3 gallons of water. i watered them 2 on tuesday and i felt the soil today and it seems like they might be drinking more Should i water them again since they feel and look like they are drinking more then ever? what do you all think?

@pbs86 lift up your pots,if heavy wait a while,if light water…a moisture meter is helpful also…hope this helps


You need to water when ever soil I’d dry
@BIGE made 2 good suggestions start with dry pot pick it up water pick it up and you’ll feel the difference in weigh for next time or a soil meter :+1::v:️:sunglasses:

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