When to use Voodoo Juice?

Maybe someone could help me out here :slight_smile:
I get this mixed info about the use of Voodoo juice.
Can it be used throughout the whole vegetative state? And first two weeks of bloom if im correct ?

Forgot to mention that im growing in DWC

It works that way for soil, but not hydroponics. You can use the nutrient calculator here to find out what mixture to use for your application:


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Much appreciated!

Posting this if theres anyone else wondering the same.
Asked AN via Twitter and got this:

"The schedule for 2 weeks is designed to ensure your roots are properly inoculated. If you want to run it for longer than that, it won’t cause any problems.

The Advanced Nutrients Team"

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It says 2ml of voodoo juice per liter should i increase that dosage as that plant gets closer to flower and if so,
how much?