When to use sodium on marijuana

A question from a fellow grower:

my autoflower skunk has flowered it’s 15 " high. it’s on 1000 watts mh in a 4x4 room when do I put on the sodiums? the siver haze and white widow are in the same room as well they are 36" and starting to flower. on 12/12 loght cycle temp 80 deg days 55 nights it’s MAINE I have been feeding them dry ground up rabbit poo and some duck manure too…

I believe most people put the HPS lights on the same time they switch to the 12 hours of darkness for flowering. So you should be good to go to the high pressure sodium lights now.

yes use the hps soon as you go 12 /12 or within a week of switching works good for me

wi\Is is not true that with auto flowers; You do not need to change the photo period?

Good point Latewood, autoflowers do not need 12 hours of darkness to flower. However with regular photo period strains, usually the HPS is started at the same time as the 12/12 cycle.

And; member actually mentioned he had haze growing too; So I guess it cannot hurt to take them to 12/12 and use your HPS.

You really should split your room in order to take full advantage of each.