When to use scroge

should have asked yesterday but when buzzed and on the forum you forget things i think i got part timers desease or maybe over 50 yrs indulging got to be one, but any way when and how should i add my scroge i got 2 of them do i just force the branches into the squares or what thanks again


Following as thinking of lost or scrogging next grow


Scrogging is simply LST with a net. When running photos I would wait for them to get about 2 ft tall. (Indoor) Set the net above the plant and allow it to work its way threw. Spredding out all branches. You will have to help guide the branches where you want them to go.
This is where you start to make your canopy.
Happy growing…

Use your net to hold down the branches, pushing any new growth under them. I added a second net later to help hold the buds up while they grew.

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I just set my net about 10-12” above the soil and let the plant grow up to it. Then as a branch starts growing up through a square, I push it back under and move it to another square. Just keep repeating until the net is around 50% full then I flip to flower and let the stretch finish filling the squares.


great answers i rhink i can handle that my plant aint quite ready still bunched up thanks for answers