When to use bud boosters

Just wondering what is a good “bud booster“ and when should I be applying it?


My second grow I’m no expert but I use the fox farms trio and I loveee it and you start it during flower

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Ok thanks

When you say “bud booster,” do you mean flowering nutrients, or plant growth regulators?

I am a second year grower and learning as I grow. Not sure how to answer your question except I want to help my plant make bigger buds

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Just started this. Made for end of flower last few weeks. Great reviews. First dose yesterday and it’s still alive. So far so good.

Ok thanks

Sorry to hijack here but have you tried the trio by itself alongside with the extra additives for the trio you posted there? Are the results noticeably different? I have the FF Soil Trio not additives was curious if they are worth the extra coin. May pick them up before flower starts. Didn’t want to get in over my head though. Peace :v:

I understand. Do you mind giving a rundown of you lights and grow environment?

Well I am an outdoor grower. I have Maui, Blueberry, Strawberry Cough, and BlackBerry kush. All from seed from ILGM. Here is a recent pic. Still in veg state.


I use these with the trio

and also a preview of my chocolope…

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Okay thanks. Nice preview pic

Great looking plants. And you said this is your 2nd year growing; Was your last harvest below expectations?

I hope you don’t mind me asking. I just find it helpful to figure out what the baseline is.

Sorry that wasn’t to me!

Last year was good. I didn’t do much with the two I grew. Molasses and Bloom. Watered daily though. I just want to try to get the most of what I have going. I really enjoy my new hobby

I got about 15-16 ounces off two plants