When to turn the lights up on seedlings

About how long before I need to start going up in brightness for a seedling. Right now I have a 4x4 tent with 2 vs1000 led light. Both plants are Blue Dream autos. They are a week old.

~ Under 100 PPFD which on my light is 20-30% intensity for clones and seedlings. They do not need much light yet and can run the risk of over metabolizing/self cannabalizing their leaves.

Once the plants are starting to mature in veg, say 3-4 nodes, then increase the intensity to 615 PPFD (40-60% on my light). Autos stay at this level for 18 hrs on 6 hrs off for DLI of ~38-40.

Once you are well into veg, or are ready to flip to flower for photos (12/12), go to an intensity of 920 PPFD to keep the DLI around ~38-40 (70-100%) and adjusting the height accordingly.

+5-10% intensity every watering,sooner if your leaf tips start pointing up even a lil. Watering time is best since it usually causes a growth spurt and they can use the Xtra light.

Btw, is this a sign of self cannibalism or not?

cannbalizing or not?

Looks to me like a very weird form of leaf vagriation, most plants out grow it but I’ve never seen a case this extreme

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Are you in a really dry environment or is the plant under watered? Do you pH your water? What nutrients do you use?

I’ve seen worse weird looking leaves and have them straighten out later on.

Normal water and normal everything else. Other plants under identical set up and conditions look great. But this is THE TWIN that came up from one seed.

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