When to Trim the Larf Buds

When do you guys trim off the random little buds. I’m guessing that trimming them would direct energy to the main colas. Also, are they worth it to dry and use??

Larf is good for edibles, I make butter with mine. But yes, I cut mine off to put all the energy into the brain buds.

@raustin When do you do it?

I will clean up the bottom a fewdays before switch then again after 2 weeks, then i just maintain it. The 2 weeks is after she starts flowering after transition period not 2 weeks after light flip

I’m at 4 weeks from flip so good to know. Does it make a difference in the main buds? Is it worth drying and sampling?

Do it? Lol! Well, I SCROG, so no larf is safe. I just cut them off as they appear, which is constantly.

OK!!! Will it get me high??

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Sorry for the dumb questions lol.

At 4 weeks from flip you should be able to tell the larf from the good buds. Anything that doesn’t get good light should be cut off.

Not a dumb question, it was just how you put it that made me laugh.

You can get high on larf, that’s why it’s used for butter mostly, but you can dry it and smoke it.

This is what I’m working with


Sweet! Looks I know what I’m doing today!

You got a lot of work to do. Check under the canopy, I’m sure there’s a lot of stuff to cut off.

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Another question. Will it represent the final potency or will it improve by the end

It will improve the older it gets.

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Ooooo! Kinda like me! Thanks for the help lady, you always know what to say!

Lol, you’re very welcome.

I’ll let you know what my QC guy says about it

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@raustin my stuff definetly works. Lmao

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The ladies of the evening have definetly treated me tonight.

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