When to trim sucker shoots?

I have a journal going but I think making a new post will get more attention. My WWA girls are 5 weeks old from sprout and in bloom since 8-14.

My question is- when can I or should I trim the little sucker shoots off to provide main flowers with all the yummy goodness to make them big and strong?

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Not an expert but I would say do it now so they aren’t taking any nutes from the main tops. You can always wait to see what others have to say

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Looks like a good time to remove smaller buds n shoots that won’t get big.

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I’m feeding the girls tomorrow so I will do it then. Should I do a little at a time or all at once? Don’t want to shock them too bad.

I would say pick a level and remove everything below that point it shouldn’t shock them to much

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If these are outside… dont remove anything… that’s only for indoor growers… it looks like your outside… dont believe everything you read , or at least dont think it pertains to your situation… many times that isn’t the case… do what commen sence tells you… :wink:



Ok, that is true…whenever I read about it, it is indoor plants they talk about. I’ll do 2 and leave the other 2 be, see what transpires and how it affects the harvest. It’s all a learming curve, don’t know unless you try, right.


Experimentation is the key to gaining experience.

Good luck with your grow.

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My local climate during the flowering season will probably be cold and damp with periods of misty dank still air.

At the first sign of flowing, I trim all of the lower fan leaves and node growth and some of the higher fan leaves to allow for faster water shedding and improved light penetration and air circulation. It is also easier to insert support canes at this stage.

I find this helps limit mildew and black bud rot start to form.

Lost 95% of last year’s crop to bub rot and had a dry year.

Never again.