When to Trim Need help

i am growing in doors and need help please . this is a purple haze and seed broke through grd on 12/1- transplanted in large pot 12/30. being having a hectic of a time with low humidity in this cold weather . but my question today is do i need to cut any of the leaves or just leave alone for now
my space allows them to grow fairly tall if need be
i have attached a pic
let me know your thoughts and suggestions
this is my second grow and trying to learn from my mistakes and also keeping a journal on this one


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Hey Lynn how ya doing today. I haven’t seen you around but welcome to ILGM And our every growing community.

Ya, take the very lower ones of but don’t do any more than that ok The leaves are what we call solar panel sort speack. They take in the light and that is converted into food or sugars for the plant so it’s important not to cut off to many.
Hope this helped you out.
B Safe\Will

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yes indeed you did thank you :slight_smile:
i am still a newbie and my first grow i panicked over everything lol
so this time i am trying to be a lot calmer and and ask questions as they come up