When to transplant seedlings from solo cups


Right now i have 4 plants in the middle of seedling stage. When is best time to do first transplant?. And what size should i go to first with 5 gallon being max?


Well it depends on how big plants are as far as transplant goes and concerning container size if you can go to 1 gal till roots get jammed then 5 gal but you can go right to 5 gal if plants in solo cups are rooty. If your growing autoflower 3 gal pots are plenty.


Here’s a good trick: Grow seedlings or clones in transparent 16 ounce solo cups, but then put each transparent cup into a red or blue cup. That way the roots don’t get light-burned and you can check for them just by lifting the transparent cup out of it’s colored sleeve. Once you see several roots, it’s time to transplant. Don’t forget to drill some holes through both cups for drainage. Make sure they line up every time you put the cup sandwich back together or you will rot your seedling.



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How many days from sprout are they?

Are they Autos or Photos?

Lets see a pic of what you have there.


I have a ways to go before transplanting. Maybe another 2 weeks. From what im gathering. I shoul wait till leaves get to edge of solo cup.

They are all photos. 2 -14 days from sprout ad 2 about a week behind.
Almost feel stupid for this topic. I could just read a bit more on it. I do like any feedback thou. Helps with different ideas


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Also, the age is a little bit questionable. I dropped seeds in solo cup 14 days ago and the sprouted 2 days later. So it i wait till they broke soil surface then they are only 12 days old
@1BigFella that clear solo cup is a great idea and would be a huge help in watching the roots grow. Easy to cover like you said and a simple mark would have you lined up with the darker cup.


when they break the soil, that is their birthday for the purposes of growing!


Super smart !


Yes super smart @1BigFella…I’m gonna try and remember this trick for sure