When to transplant from starter tray

Hey I just planted three seeds in a starter tray three days ago I know it’s no time soon, but and I was wondering when should I plan to transplant and what should I look for as sign that they are ready to transplant. Really trying to avoid them getting root bound in such a small tray.

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Can you post some pics, hard to predict something like that. Depends on environment and what size tray you are using. You should consider starting a grow journal. Best way to get advice and ask questions. Many people will follow along and help out.

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Do you know the volume of the container? Also it seems dumb but this is a photoperiod plant correct? This will matter on what size pot you use to trans to. Pictures and environment specs would be useful to give better advice

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So my tent size is 3x2 I only plan on using two of the seedlings for the grow tent gonna use 3 gal pots.

Definitely gonna start a grow journel @Bulldognuts thanks

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If that’s the size I’d wait until the first leaves are fully formed and maybe even wait until the second node is starting then into new medium

Wait til you get a set or two of true leaves. It looks like your medium is really wet too.

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Just a heads up buddy. I grow in a 2x3 tent myself and easily have filled the tent with just ONE plant everytime

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so looking at the pick above and reading u guys comments u recommend leaving in tray till u get the first couple set of leaves, then it can be safely transplanted in another container. and is it to best to gradually move up container size or just go and introduce to 5gallon pot.

I don’t necessarily know if it’s better. IF their is a better method, continual uppotting as the plants grow would be the better way. I have never experienced a bad shock from transplant. In fact in most cases the plants are praying and happy.

To sum it up: I don’t think it matters much do what’s more comfortable for you. I personally uppot as the plants grow. @gatekeeper

goals… 1 plant in 2x4.


thanks new to this so tryna do it correct. i been germinating seeds in rapid root plug most is starting to poke up they been in the dark when is it a good time to turn on light i have t5 light but not on as of now?

Yes if they’re popping they need light. Keep it close so they don’t stretch. Within 12 inches. I use two tiny LEDs to germ I keep them as close as I can before the reflectors touch and I can’t anymore. Less than 5’’. But I recommend starting a little further.

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The reason transplanting a seedling into a big pot is discouraged particularly for new growers is it is very easy to over water. Seedlings dont have a root system yet, they have a tap root and some small feeder hairs whi h eventually become lateral roots. Until that time, water sparingly and only when things appear dry or light, or if the plant begins to wilt. Even then only water in a ring around the length of the plants longest leaf to encourage root stretching and prevent over saturation.
I would transplant photo plants into a 6 inch pot next.