When to transplant and add nutrients to soil


15 seeds total, 3 each of five strains, LSD, super skunk, OG Kush, green crack and crystal, all FEM plants. 11 will go in the soil, 1 in 7gal grow bag the other 2 for my neighbor. I should have kept a grow journal, now I must remember my grow. Plants are around 6 weeks old. Started indoors in Peat pellets > Peat Pots and 2/3 Gallon buckets currently, transitioned outdoors using very weak super thrive solution when transplanting to 2/3 gallon buckets. Southern Cal, had 5 days rain but now in the middle of sunny 70-80 degrees for next few weeks, babies are really taking off

Current soil FF mix ocean and Frog soil, I think no FF trio nutrients are needed until I transplant into the ground which should be when? I think 30 days based on the pics below the roots will be ready and the current FF soil nutrients should last a few weeks.

Looking for suggestions/tips on when to transplant and fertilize. I’m in Southern Cal so I think my bloom solution should start around July, this gives me 3+ full months of Veg growth until flower time.


You can put them in the ground now and as far as nutes go start at 1/4 the recommended amounts and watch how your plants react then increase amounts over 3 or so feedings so you don’t get nute burn (unless your using nectar of the gods nutes then start at 1/2 strength )


I agree with @Rexx Id transplant now for sure. I don’t agree with reducing the strength of the nutes. full strength all the way. just mho


I think your plants will go into flower if you plant now. You need 8 hours of sunlight plus daylight at both ends exceeding 12 hours. Most growers outdoors are going to be around mid May for planting outdoors.


Depends on where you are @Myfriendis410 I’ll have plants out this week!


I’m in SoCal too. That’s why I responded as I did. I put out 3 plants in April a year ago and they immediately flowered. We simply need a longer day cycle with photos here. I just planted a GL seed today for planting in the yard around the third week of May.


I’m sure your season is longer than here in NC. Suns getting longer every day…


@Rexx You don’t think I should give them a few more weeks in the pots to let the roots expand before dropping in soil? Maybe I will experiment since I have 2 of each strain, transplant one this week and the other in 2-4 weeks. I’m over reading which made me think to let the ‘rootball’ expand in the 2/3 gallon pots a few more weeks. Appreciate the advice.


I’m getting 12:30 minutes sunlight (and growing) and i’m also running my security lights at night to insure no more than 4 hours of total darkness occurs. My grow is getting a full 10+ DIRECT sunlight, in the SF Valley where summer temps are normally 90-100 degrees .


Then you are ready to go. I’d get 'em in the ground.


Well id check to see if there getting root bound but there plenty big enough to transplant its not like they can tell there just looking for moisture and space.


Alot off different opinions when it comes to growing outdoors but very interesting reading along I have never grown outdoors folk’s so no imput sorry :v:️. It’s all experience for me tho thank you all :+1:.



Ya @Rexx has you covered.

when you go to place them into the ground, put some worm casting in the hole your plants will love you for it. and some Mexican Bat Guano mixed in. ( These two will not burn your plants )


I have a bag of Ocean forest which contains these good things, i think i’ll place this in the holes below the plants. Currently bucket soil is Ocean Forest/Happy frog so minimum shock should happen when I transplant.