When to Top/Prune gals

@Nicky @Axemanjake23 @HMGRWN - busy week…back to the conversation.
Okay, so after 6 full days transplant they’re doing well overall. In HF+CN and had a second watering pH7-H2O no nutrients added.
The lack of nutrients in WWA#1 is still visible on second set of leaves (1st set was removed on 4/29).
Question #1: Should I remove the dying 2nd set and Top/Heavy FIM now or separate the actions by a few days.

Still a bit of lack of nutes damage to #2WWA, but removal may not be necessary right now.
Question #2: Time to Top or should I FIM instead?

Northern Lights Auto is still struggling, but it’s a week or more, behind the WWS’s. Just a pic for reference.

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I am still new and learning but If I am going to top, I will do it early. I would probably try to get in there and top the very tip ( I mean separate the newest leaves and get the tiny new growth ) just on the first two. #3 is still too small.

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I always suggest a FIM at the 4th/5th node.

The leaf is mostly green so I would leave it for a while. It will fall off when ready, or get to the point you know it’s worth ripping off.

Thanks Nicky. I’ll leave the leaves until it’s apparent when…
#1WWA is already above 4th node. And since it could use some “side-growth” I was going to Top it.
#2WWA is near to the same, but about 5 days behind, and not in as much need of side-growth as #1, so I was going to FIM her.
@HMGRWN …yep - too small yet. Thanks!

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Yeah agree, let them get a little more size. I am late to the party. To many hrs at work. Sorry :wink: