When to Top/Prune gals

Thanks to many for help on other posts!
A simple question, because I’ve lost in so damn many bookmarks or downloads, and great examples of when (pictures included) to prune/top a sproutling.
Q: Is it time to top this gal - planted April 4th?
Her sister (second pic) planted on April 9.

My apology; it’s important to communicate what the gals are. White Widow Auto’s

You trying to top ? Do not top autos first rule I hear :ear:,you top at 3rd baby leaves don’t count , and you have to wait until the plant has at lest 5 real branches

I do topping on photos and not all strains like it , I don’t grow autos but I know someone that tops autos anyways @Axemanjake23

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I top autos also ive tried fimming autos and all. Dont let any1 talk u down on doing training with autos. Im proof that autos can take a little beating. Ive had them where ive topped fimmed and did nothing to and not mich of a difference if u catch the plant at the right time to do things. Autos are more sensitive but not unstoppable.


@Not2SureYet @Nicky are auto growers and do wonderful jobs with teroffic hauls. Maybe they will ring in and get u off to a good start like they did with me. Good luck

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Thanks again for the advise RM!
I’m hoping that @Axemanjake23 , @Not2SureYet and @Nicky can provide additional support on these Autos.

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Thanks @Mark0427 . Uh…sooooo…what’s “fimming”?

Oh yeah man if a auto show vigorous growth top it, super crop it, lst it. I top 4th or 5th set of leaves . If its a slow poke or had issues I wouldnt do more then lst. Autos take abuse well.


You can top autos but better if done when In hydro/coco not soil.
Soil slows everything down, FIM’ing is the most ide do on a soil grow at the 4th/5th node and you can low stress train but heavy on the Low!
Don’t bend it right over like you see with other growers, instead give it a lean 45 degrees is the most ide bend my autos.

Your light should be increased, as your getting more stretch between nodes than is ideal.

Also toss the peat pots in the future. I would suggest transplanting out of them asap and into final fabric pots.
Look into nursery bags in the future as the roots go right through them

Many growers top Auto’s and the general rule of thumb is to top above the 4th node and do it when the plant is between 14-21 days old.

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Thanks Axeman.
Only four of those shown in pics are Autos - the two “focused” on. The others are Fem, which I thought wouldn’t germinate (separate discussion there) but I planted them anyway.
In any case; these two, separated in soil by 4 or 5 days, seem to be doing reasonably well. The largest approaching 3weeks Sunday PM.
FWIW; I’m going to move ahead w/topping at a minimum. Will keep y’all posted.

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Thanks @Nicky ,
Yeah…well…1st grow and needed to get moving sooner than later - thought I’d get my feet wet w/plain-ol’ soil before considering other mediums.
Okay - I’ve asked elsewhere - what is FIM’ing? Please shoot me a link if you have one nearby.
More light - okay. I had a “Chart” from Spiderfarmer for their SF-1000, but lost the darn thing. I was concerned about having too much light on the sproutlings (Fem Blueberry) also growing.
The peat-pots - yeah, I learned the hard way. I’ll toss 'em in a Jiffy! I have 5gal bags and Happy Frog + Cultivation Nation ready to mix and transplant these two or more.

Here you go

You will know if you give to much kgiht because the top of the leafs will start to bleach

Okay - so cutting 80% of the “leafing” growth above the 4th, or 5th node.
I believe I can do that.


FIM stands for “F#%k, I Missed” It is now a well used technique but started as an oopsie when someone tried to top a young sprout.

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In theory you get the benefit of topping ( more side branch growth ) and it will recover and continue to grow from the partially topped node as well.

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@Nicky @Axemanjake23 @HMGRWN @Randy_Marsh et. al…
Ran into some trouble over the past week with all of these. See: Too much light I'm sure.How to handle?
Now - after averting a potential disaster, I’m on to when to top/Fim these WW-Autos. Which have been in soil waaaaaay to long with improper lighting and now nutes.
Please see pic WWS’s and a NLA in grow bags. I removed 1st serrated leaf from the second plants because of their condition due to insufficient nutrients. And, they’re now in Happy Frog + Cultivation Nation 60/40 soil since Thursday PM with SF-1000 light at 100%

The overall grow pic below.

Kindly RSVP.


After all they have been through, I would let them rest and recover a few days before trying to top/fim.
As for LST, they are pretty small but you might could start gently nudging them over.

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What the person above said. I dont do much to my plants unless they are vigorously growing.

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Let them get healthy, fim at 4th/5th node