When to top my white widows

So I currently have 13 plants growing. 4 of which are white widows purchased from Bergmans lab. The others are just random seeds my dad wanted to experiment with.

Anyway the 4 WW are still quite small in height but are doing well and have 5 nodes now. The others have gotten pretty tall and I am thinking of topping those ones to keep them smaller.

My question is because the WW plants are still quite small (around 5" tall) should I hold of topping them until they get taller? I know because they are different strains than the others that they will grow differently. It has bee about 6 weeks now since germination and o thought they would be taller. I just don’t want to screw myself topping them too early.

Any advice
Is appreciated

In my opinion, you should top the plants that are taller than your WW girls. I say this because what you want is an even canopy in your grow tent. Since your random strain plants are taller, top then, or fim them, and they will have to recover from the top. In this time, it gives your WWs a chance to catch up in growth. So personally, I wouldn’t touch the WWs, only the other seeds. This also gives you the opportunity to experiment with pruning techniques, and learn what you can do, what you like to do, what works better than the other, etc. And, it’s good to experiment with random seeds, since you won’t be too upset if you hurt or kill one. You’ll be furious if you !@#$ up a WW tho haha! Good luck!


This is actually what I was thinking. I was hoping I could see the pre-flower already so I could just remove the males cause I’m sure there will be a few of them before I did any topping to see what I have for space to work with.
Tomorrow I will top the tall odd balls and leave the WW to get taller.
Thank you for the advice!!