When to top my plant

When is the best time to start topping my plants. I’m at the 4th node on my NL. Plants are still pretty short. Also, should i FIM when I top it.

Wait till node 5 at least. I like topping and training outward and then start fimming later on

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Ok. I figured I have some vegging to do plants are only 16 days old. Thanks

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Any pics? Easier to tell if we can see it.

Sorry about the burple light

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It’s all good I do purple photos all the time because I am lazy.

Yea you still have a little more growing to do but you’re getting close. Just have to make sure the plant is strong enough to heal.

Do they look healthy to you. I have a fourth plant but it was started later as a f it let’s just sprout them all plant.

This is my first Grow btw

They look great and aren’t stretching so great start.

Read that the NL is a short bushy plant. Also getting ready to upgrade to the HLG 260 quantum boards.


Mine too, but I read A LOT haha.

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Looks great. What kind are those.

The big girl is Snowland and my little girl that survived early root rot is Romulan.

This is my next line up but the big sprout my neighbor is going to grow because I won’t be ready in time.

Nice. Is the hydro system hard to learn?

No, DWC it is so easy to do.

Are the yields higher than soil?? I live in a non legal state and have a lot of interest in my new hobby :wink:

Hydro indoor is great, especially if your state isn’t with the times. California just finally came around and we are known for it lol. Yields I feel depend on light source and method. I have seen some huge SCROG yields indoor in DWC.

Yeah. Illinois sucks. I’m sure one day we’ll get on board and when it happens I’ll be ready. Thanks for all the info. Gotta get to sleep now. Always excited to check my plants in the morning for new growth!

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Yea these non legal states are killing me as well. But ive noticed usually hydro grows go ALOT faster. Maybe its the control over nutes. Maybe its more experienced growers using hydro methods. Soil is just easier to me. Plant it. And watch her soil thru veg. Add a few nutes in flower n dont overwater. Lol

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