When to take off clone dome


I am not able to transplant but they do have roots (close to poking out bottom) but I’m not ready to transplant. Can I take the dome off? They no longer solely eat through their leaves

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When I see a decent amount of roots growing out of my rapid Rooter cube I will transplant them into Solo cups. Wait till more experienced person responds as I’ve only been trying to grow seriously about 1 year. but that’s how I do it. I still keep them in my tray for drainage and I still keep them under a T5 light only difference is I remove the dome and I start watering through the soil.
I also keep the light pretty darn close to them I would say about 3 inches.
Hey this is my first time responding. I’ve been a voyeur on this site for over a year though. :joy: good luck buddy.
PS from what I’ve seen on here (over a year so checking on the site) people are kind, supportive, and patient… Extremely knowledgeable too. There are tons of people who give you tons of responses and you will be able to pick and choose what works best for you. But this is the best site I’ve ever seen and I’ve officially joined it today. That’s why I joined, I’m committing because of the people who work on/use the site and the members. All seem like they’re willing to share their hard-earned knowledge with you in a polite manners. Very refreshing and very cool.


You can for sure take the dome off, but check them frequently to make sure they don’t dry out. If you have your tray on a heat mat, ditch that. Just the tray and light with a little water. I use rockwool cubes and give them a few ml of water a day in that stage. My light runs a little hot though. They key is just paying closer attention. I lost 4 about a month ago because I forgot to turn the mat off when I pulled the dome. They were sticks by morning. :cry:


@neckNflu well said…it is a fantastic site :v:


@Fever lets tag in @WillyJ and @Screwauger they seem to have a good handle on the clone deal

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You can let roots continue to grow out the rockwool and they will be ok as long as they stay moist, so if you do take the dome off then keep your new exposed roots in mind also. The plant might not need to take in water through its leaves anymore but you can’t let its roots dry out either.

Also, roots exposed to light and air for too long and they will begin to lose their abilities to function correctly



If they have roots then yes take off the dome they wont need it anymore… @Fever


Thanks :pray:t4: turned off the heat pad and left dome on at full vent. Soil is moist. Be back in 2 days.


Hey Fever quick question if the clone is in red so cup and can’t see roots but I have new growth, are their roots ?