When to switch to Flower cycle

I am doing my first grow and I have a question, at what stage do i go into the 12 by 12 flower cycle? How can I tell when my plant is ready?

It’s really up to the strain, is it more sativa or indica or one or the other?? Also just plan on it stretching or growing atleast 12-16 inches vertical as well as a little outward depending on how you have trained the plant. If it’s more sativa it will stretch very tall and lanky as indica like to or tend to stay more squatty and or bushy… Hope this helps!! Can you post a few pictures, that would help alot as judge when.

It is probably not ready yet but I need to know what to look out for that will indicate when. Falls on the indica side( I think) can’t guarantee the source. I have pruned some of the bigger leaves, to allow more light access for some of the lower ones.

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Looks great and I would take out that really big fan leave too, it would allow more penetration through the middle of your plant and better air flow. As for your switch you could honestly do it now or wait longer solely up to you and your tent height etc… however most genetics will show preflowers at 6-8 weeks of vegetation time after that you’ll want to switch to 12-12 soon as it’s ready to flower and continue its life through making flowers!

Great, thanks mate

I’m not a fan of defoliation in the first few months. Sure, the occasional leaf might be too close to the soil and need to go, but for the most part I just lst and let them grow until flower.

For photo plants I let them veg approximately 2 months. You could put them into flower just about any time, but I like a decent yield so
I let them get bigger.

Make sure your pots have plenty of drainage, don’t over water, and give them plenty of light.

Those prong meters are unreliable for pH monitoring. They’re ok for soil moisture but that’s about it.


Yeah you are right about the prong meters, they are shot , I am getting the strips.

The strips are also a bit inaccurate.

If you plan on continuing to cultivate do yourself a huge favor. Buy a decent (seriously, they’re like $40-$60) pH meter. They’ll make your grows easier and help keep your plants happier.

I bought a prong probe… useless.
I tried the drops/strips… not accurate enough.


Will do, how long into the grow do the start showing their sex?

1-2 weeks after flipping to flower.

Or, if you veg a long time, around mid 3-4 months.