When to switch nutes to full bloom a few other ?s

I am at the end of day 12 of flower. I was using fox farm grow big for veg and I got gh flora nova bloom. The last time I fed them i used 3tsp grow and 1 tsp bloom per gal 6.4ph ppm was 1100…now I read the Lucas formula for flora nova bloom is 7ml I believe maybe 8ml per gal which I was just going to run that in a week or two… should I flush at 2 weeks or should I wait a extra week to run more of a half n half grow&bloom and then flush when I switch to bloom only or what do you guys recommend me to do. The plants are photos not positive on strain I was told they are green crack but who knows for sure as I got them from a friend…do I need to get cal/mag or use a bloom booster later on or should I be okay using just the flora nova bloom @7-8ml per gal… I am using 3gal smart pots…mainly with peat moss and perlite there is some coco in it as well… I am using 2 300w meizhi 7 band leds which are 139w each actually and I have 2 plants… the one on the right is 2 weeks older but I flowered them at the same time will that have any issues with one plant and not the other due to the age… I topped them, lst , defoil, supercropped so far… I have been using dry ice the past couple days as well but I might be switching to vin and baking soda shortly…this is my first grow so if there is anything that you great people can suggest for me I am all ears thankyou all for your time and help it is greatly appreciated …here is a pic at 12 days in flower


Hey there!
I’m using a grow shedule posted on the ILGM website. This one recommends to flush just before you switch to the new fertilizer so I’d do that. From my point of view there shouldn’t be a problem to start flowering when they are different ages unless they both had enough time in veg. Maybe the younger one will bring a little less yield…
And for your Co2 things I would recommend you to read this thread: Natural Co2 generator!
Grow looks nice to me so far.


Thankyou i appreciate it ya the other plant is 2 weeks ahead of the other…but also the younger one is more of a sativa and the oldest is more indica so it could just be that as the sativa will take longer to finish…

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When I switch to flower I stick with my Veg nutes until the stretching period is over (usualy 2 weeks or so) and then I switch over to the bloom nutes.
I’ve never used the nutrients you are using but I’ve been told fax farm has calcium and magnesium in it already so you wouldn’t need to add it using those. But I’m not sure if the flora nova bloom has it in it so I’m not sure if it will be needed.

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Ya thats what i was thinking and tomarrow is the 14th day and they don’t seem to be stretching anymore the plant on the left is more a sativa so I might wait a few extra days for that one but the one on the right is done stretching…which I could flush that one but id rather try and keep them both at the same…the flora nova has cal mag in it along with everything else as it is just a one part which is why I bought it as I didn’t want to spend a bunch of money on other products as my next crop I’m going dwc but also moving so it will be a complete new setup I’m leaning towards fluence science spydrx and the plus for lighting but still open to other places.

I think you’ll find that most of the nutrient lines are now supplying some transitional dosage amounts. It’s probably more difficult to hit exact numbers using different lines, but you could probably just feed veg nutes first feeding after flip, then figure ramping down veg nutes while ramping up flower nutes while maintaining Ppm level.

Only using the 2 bottles that’s about the best I could figure to do it. If you had a whole line, you’d probably be looking at running that into a pk boost. Then maintaining the ppm with with bud enhancers and sweeteners instead of the grow nutes.

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Ya that’s what I’ve been doing is adding a lil more bloom over grow…so would you recommend me getting a bloom booster as well and adding that in shortly after the flush…

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I’m far from a nutrient guy, so hopefully someone else can chime in and help.

It really comes down to what’s included in the nutrient line you’re using. If you’re using a single part nute, it probably has lower amounts of just about everything you need. As opposed to say a 3 or 4 part, which will provide certain nutrients in different concentration. It just gives you the ability to tune your feeding to plant stage a little better.

I based my earlier comment solely on the mixing charts I’m familiar with. They would normally call for a little more p/k right about the stage that you’re at. If you were to stay with the flora series, I think they call the booster koolbloom? And the sweetener flora nectar? If it’s in your budget, a lot people are adding something of the sorts within their respective nutrient line. But it’s not like they’re required to get your plants to harvest either.

And it’s definitely not required to purchase everything within the same product line either. But it’s sometimes easier to do it that way, as most provide a chart to use as reference.

Hopefully that will help you some.

Ya if I wasn’t moving in two months and was going to do another crop I would of went with a 3 part so I could fine tune it a bit better I was thinking about getting the koolbloom instead of the flora nova bloom as it’s p/k was a bit higher…so do you think I should get a p/k booster to add to the nova or just do the nova as I have read ppl have used just the nova at 7 or 8ml per gal and had good results and well it is my 1st time still so I can always change it next time around as then I will have the space to do what I would like in Dwc…so would I benefit more from pk booster or a sweetner I believe the canna pk was like $7 and not too sure on the other sweeteners as it would have to be cheap…now I do have some pure sweetner not too sure what it would do but it’s EXTREAMLY concentrated but haven’t thought about it til now

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I do have the canna aqua line, and it calls for a shot of the pk 13/14 right about where you’re at. What I’m not sure of is the nutrient profiles of what I have vs what you have moving forward. Based on my schedule, you would probably benefit more at this point with sweetener than a p/k boost, if it came down to one or the other. But if you’re flowering nutes have lower levels than mine, that may not hold true.

I wish I had the knowledge to tell you exactly what to do, but I don’t sorry.

No worries appreciate the input any ways…the tops of my petioles are red…i did just mgso4 1tsp per gal for it…but it is only showing on the petioles that are in direct led light the petioles at the very top tucked in with the bud is green and normal same with the leaves lower below the canapy… I did lollipop a bit as well. So could the red petioles be from the leds as I’ve heard someone suggest it but not sure as the rest of the plant is fine. Thanks

Are the red petioles only on older fan leaves? If so, it’s not uncommon. I think it’s genetics more than anything else.

No no they are not as it’s on the first set of leaves from the cola that sticks out enough for the light to hit it…also I have two plants diff strains and it’s doing it to both of them…the bottom of the petioles are green it’s just the top of it that is red and only to ones getting direct light…

My leds are 12in from tops and it’s doing it to petioles that is just under the scrog but still in direct light so I don’t think it’s the led…and it’s only on the petioles not on the stem and they haven’t been this way for long I’m 19days in bloom and it’s been 7-10days and no other issues…so not to sure what it is…plenty of air flow temps 73-76@ night and day 79…i have been running dry ice 4x a day and I seal the tent and shut the exhaust off for about 1-1.5hr at a time the temp will get to 85 and stay there…i do not have any cal mag not sure if that’s it or if it’s a p issue and a booster would be better…i am using g.h flora nova bloom 5ml 1gal and used mgso4 3/4tsp 1gal…and will up it to 7 or 8ml gal in a week or so

Why not post a pic so we can see what you are referring too. Pic under white or natural light please @Indiva710

Also is the distance of your lights from the manufacturer recommendations? That seems a little close.

12in is recommend by the manufacturer my plants are scrogged and cannot be moved so all the pics I can do will be under the leds sorry

LED pics are what most people post. Also, if you are there right at lights out you can take some non-LED pics with regular light, or no light and just flash.

If you are asking for help, the pics really need to be under natural or white light!

@Indiva710 @Whodat66

Even with my lights turned off and no other light in the tent in most cases I can get a good enough pic.

Which is why I posted the pic I got the petioles figured out but would like some help on what’s the best thing to do about my hermie problem thanks

I can’t tell from that pic either. Why don’t we talk about the hermie problem on the topic you already posted. It’s ok solve more than one problem in a topic, but not cross posting in several topics creates too much confusion.

maybe post the above pic on the other topic to see if the other fellow can tell you anything from that pic?

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