When to switch my light cycle on a autofliwer

I have a simple question, I’ve got a girls scout cookie auto from ilgm . I planted it 11.23.20 and ill bee coming up on the 3rd week of veg according to the nute feeding schedule , which is also from ilgm. According to the feeding schedule there is 4 actually weeks 9f veg then on week 5 it goes into flower and I start the flowering nutes . My question is do I flip the light cycle to 12 and 12 according to that feeding schedule or do I wait a little longer?

Hey @Branhamjames38

I dropped my GSE about the same day. Have a journal? Would be cool to follow along.

As far as the auto, my understanding is no light change needed. They should switch when ready, most likely time now for us both… I plan on 18/6 through the life mine.

Happy growing!

Yea I somewhat keep a journal , like when I feed and how much I fed . What the Temps and rh is .

But I know autos will flower automatically but I thought you should still switch light to 12 and 12

This is really just to save some coin on the electricity bill.


So I should switch to 12 and 12 on the first day I start the flowering nutes which technically would be week 6 from time the seed went in the medium ?

You could switch now if you want if you have a good, strong light. A lot of people run 12/12 from seed. I grow them with photos so they stay in my veg tent with my vegging photos until the flower room is available for them.

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At the moment I only have a marshydro tsw1000 so its not that powerful .

Then stick with 18/6. It will give the plant a longer period of time to hit its DLI. I would continue with veg nutes until you start seeing signs of flowering. Some autos will start flowering around 4 weeks. Others can go 8 or more weeks before they start to flower. That’s why growing auto flowers are compared to herding cats. They’re going to do what they want to do.

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I was going to point that out but you did it better haha. (DLI stands for Daily Light Interval and is the minimum amount required at different times in the life cycle. For cannabis to flower well needs 600-800 µmol/joule/m2)

So in your case light is less powerful than ideal so you could run a longer day to achieve the DLI to flower properly.


Learn something new everyday . Thankyou