When to switch my Gorilla Glue from veg to flower?

I have a Gorilla Glue plant growing and was wondering when I should switch it from veg to flower? Is there a certain height it should be or length of time that I’ve been growing it to consider? By the way I’m growing in a 3×3×6 tent. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Ok you have 6 ft vertically. The plants will double after you flip the light timers. So u want to take into account light hanging distance (a foot usually and u need distance to not burn the plant… foot n a half…) so that leaves u with 4.5 growing ft of space. So when ur girls are 1.5-2 ft tall. Maybe sooner to be safe. Or later if your planning on low stress training/ supercropping.

Also welcome back to the site. Got any pics?


Thanks very much for the info. I don’t have any pics right now but I’ll try to take some soon.

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I just flipped my gorilla glue. I use a scrog so they are about 30" tall now in a 4 X 4 X 6 tent.


Go take a look at the technique @Laurap mentioned. Scrog. Since u are doing the same plants and height tents, it would be amazingly beneficial to check. An even better technique to maximize yield in your space.

Laura do you have a current journal?

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Yes, its Crazy great grandmother at it again

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Okay I’ll check it out. I’ve looked into scrog but haven’t tried it yet. Thanks for all your suggestions.

I went ahead and switched it to flower the same day I posted the first message 28 days ago. I tied it down quite a bit instead of using scrog. It’s 28 inches tall from the top of the dirt to the tallest part of the plant. I think it’s looking great. Here are a couple pictures. Let me know what you guys think.


Looking good! Bet that tent is funky then a motha…

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Thanks PurpNGold74. Yeah it’s starting to smell really nice. Glad I have a carbon filter. I had been using a few blurple LEDs then a few weeks before I switched the plants to flower I got a 240 watt led quantum board like everyone talks about in the other forums. It has made a huge difference. I still keep the blurple LEDs on to supplement the quantum board.

Totally agree, they do look great!

Judging by my pictures, how high should I have my lights above the top of my plants? Using 240 watt quantum board with a couple of blurple LEDs.

My diy light strips are usually 8-10 inches away. Friggin plants love that light. Id start around 18 and ease it down over time. Ive actually had one girl grow with 6 inches and no light burn.

Ok thanks. That’s kind of what I thought but wanted to make sure. Mine had been about 12 inches away last week but now they’ve are about 10 inches away

Do you have any pictures of any that you’re growing? If so would you mind posting a few pictures so I can check them out?

Sure. These are today’s ladies.

These are last rounds


Looks like the last round turned out nice. What strains were they? How much were you able to harvest off each of them dry?

Should I trim some of the upper fan leaves so more light can get down in to it?

I switched mine at 70 days they r now approximately 4foot 10 from dirt most beautiful plant I ever grew bud sprouts everywhere approximately a lb on that 1 plant 1350 viperspectra 5×5 tent right now she is 96 days young. Huge buds all over. Can’t wait to see finished product

Not during flowering