When to switch from Veg to Flower


Newbie here, first grow. My ladies have reached around 13-14inches each. Too soon to switch to flowering or good to go?


How many weeks have they been in veg? Auto or photo?


They still look a little small to put in flower. How old are they? You can start flower anytime after about four weeks of veg.


Look at the available room in your grow space including light distance and target your plant height for 25% below that number. That should maximize the space and give you the best yield.


We’re at 4 1/2 weeks of veg. Odd as it may seem, I don’t want them TOO large as I’m concerned about smell. Grow setup is room over garage, the entire room (fairly large so I don’t have a ventilation system set up). The temp Has remained a constant between 72-75 and humidity 33-40. These are not auto flower.


Gotcha, they can certainly go into flower now if you want small plants, but they’re still going to smell. They always smell, so you might want to set up a carbon filter and fan to help with that.


Limiting the size of the plants won’t do much for odor IMO. A carbon filter and negative airflow is what you need.


Well let me ask you this…I switched to 12 darkness this morning, if I switch back to the veg cycle am I screwing my self?


No, you should be just fine. That’s not enough time to cause them any difficulty.


Man you can put them into flower when ever you like