When to swap from vegge bulb to flower bulb

just wondering how those using hps/mh determine when to switch or do you just use the flowering bulb the entire time cus ive heard of that to. my gg autos are just past wek 4 and showing a few hairs . trying to determine when to swap to the flowering bulb

If you switch too early, you may end up with stretched plants. Too much red.

i feel that might be a good thing tho. …but i was meaning like so since its just started showing hairs or wait till there are some actual flowers ?
being my first time i overmanipulated so they all seem too stunty to me …well except one i would say decent none over 12 inches tho and day 35ish

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Wait until you switch the schedule.

they are autos . there is no flip 18/6 the entire life seed to harvest

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I’m interested knowing as well @Covertgrower. If using MH and HPS when’s a good time to switch? I was also under the impression that with autos you stay 18/6 cycle. And with autos is it good to dark out for 24 hours when you switch the bulbs??

Makes no difference. You can switch during the light period if you choose to.

You can leave it at 18/6, however some autos get stuck, and they need 12/12 to initiate flowering.

I don’t think you’re understanding. When would you switch bulbs From Mh to HPS? When you see pistols? After 60 days? Don’t wanna be in flowering phase and still have MH bulb in right? @Covertgrower

When you change the light schedule to 12/12 is when you would change bulbs. Or, since they’re autos, I would switch when you see them starting to flower.


Thank you sir @Covertgrower

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