When to stop removing fan leaves

Hello all. I was wondering when should you stop removing fan leaves?

when they are all gone? :thinking: why are you removing them?

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Stop trimming fan leaves when you are about to start flowering, and don’t remove any during flowering.

Awesome thank you!

Normally fans are only removed (in veg) when the health of the plant is at risk. Most seasoned growers start to remove fans about the 3rd week of flower and still try to maintain a decent canopy. If you take away too many leaves you adversely affect your yield.


Yep thats a fact! I started removing small branches, old yellowing fan leaves, and some interior growth as we are transitioning to flower in the coming week or 2. Because my plants are already 6 months old, and the days are getting shorter, many older sun leaves are dying now and I want to remove any dying material to prevent it from causing mold or mildew.


these are big plants, you can easily crawl around beneath them. You can see by the lateral branches, much of the interior has been systematically removed throughout the grow as needed and to promote tops and not larf.
At the same time, fan leaves are still doing their work photosynthetically and to remove them in the business area would be a big mistake!
Im not sure when one differentiates between a plant and a tree? I guess some would call these trees but technically they are not a tree. That would infer they over winter and make new leaves? But alas it aint so…


That’s a fat ass plant man!

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