When to stop pruning


Fellow growers i’d like to ask, when is it when you cannot prune/ shape the plant anymore ( I’m talking about cutting branches off, those that are not getting enough light).

And when does the flower phase begin, is my terminology correct?: Please feel free to correct me

  1. Pre-flower = When the pistils appear ( Can prune at this stage? )
  2. Flowering = When buds appear ( Definitely no pruning except dead dying leaves)

Above is the pre-flowering phase? Please do confirm in yes or no

What i wanna do is cut off all the lower limbs, that arent getting enough light, i,e, less than 15 DLi

For example the point where im touching the plant, i want to chop it off from there and use for cloning purposes

How many nodes to leave when loli-popping.

In summary people, please share your knowledge:

  1. When to stop pruning. ( What phase specifically )
  2. How much time in between limb pruning sessions. ( 1/3rd rule applies here also?)
  3. How many nodes to leave when loli-popping.
  4. When does the flowering phase begin? When pistils appear?
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Hi i prune right up to week three to week four of flower i lollipopped my plants and i prune some of the leaves ro open it up to allow for more light and air flow


Good Morning :smiley:. I have heard from the experts to do a defoliation at 21 days into flower. And a second defoliation but I forget exactly when. But don’t get carried away. The plant need it leaves :leaves::blush::v:

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I defol as I grow. And all the way until harvest. With usually 2 major defol operations around day 21 and day 42 of flower.


I believe the photo does show pre-flower. The plant will show this, usually around 4th+ week of veg stage. I translate this to mean it is mature enough to flower.
As to pruning, I will refer you to growweedeasy DOT com. It has numerous articles on vegetative and flowering stage pruning and training techniques. I use them. I am also a proponent of low stress training to create flat even canopies.

Not necessarily limited to dead leaves. I remove secondary growth as needed to maintain how I want the plant to grow, to maintain a healthy environment and prevent over crowding.
These are 4 clones I recently put under the net

Each has been pruned to 3 or 4 stems and I will remove secondary growth tips (eventual flowers) to maintain the intended number of colas. They are in a 3x3 and are pruned to try to balance their size to the tent and their pot (only two gallon pots filled with coco & perlite)

Because the canopy is so open, it was not necessary to strip all of the leaves from the lower part of the plants. I will keep them to promote good growth and to maintain the plants’ transpiration level.
As the upper part of the plant fills in with leaves and as colas form I will remove the lower leaves. They will have served their purpose and are no longer needed.

This is a clone that is the same age as those pictured above. However, it is in a 5 gallon autopot in a 2x2 frame. Therefore it can be bigger and have more colas.

Two of them ready for the closet


What does week 2 to 3 of flower mean, does it mean when i flipped to flowering schedule, or from whence the pistils appeared? and how many nodes to leave when lolipopping.

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Go for it. If that was my girl that thick i would be a cloning fool. If they take great. If not no loss. Looks like you have a lot of cloneable branches at bottom and all over inside.