When to stop feeding plants nutes

Hey so I’m on mt first dwc grow a white widow auto.so when should one stop feeding nutes? My pistils are 25-30%brown

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In dwc, you can take your nutrients all the way to your last day if you’d like then let the plant sit in plain RO for the last 24 hours or so (48 hours wouldn’t hurt either), at this point the only additive I would use is something like GH florakleen

General Hydroponics FloraKleen QT - Mineral Salt Clearing Solution

I’ve read where some people still stop giving nutrients like a week out or so…

I’ll do that in soil but not DWC

How do the trichomes look? Brown pistils means look at the trichomes @Gman753

How many days or weeks of flowering are you?

When the pistils are browning it is time to look at the trichomes with a jewelers loupe or magnifier

Here is what to look for

Clear Trichomes are still growing

Trichomes clear

Milky trichomes are mature

trichomes milky

Amber trichomes are past maturity

trichomes amber