When to stop adding nutes

Hello all a simple question when does one stop adding nutes to dwc grow my w.w. about 25% has turned from white to brown…it’s an auto flower

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Hey @Gman753 How’s it going? I’m also in MA

I think you’re referring to the pistils. Once they go mostly brown you would then need to look at the trichomes with a loupe or really strong magnifier.

How many days/ weeks of flowering? What strain of Auto?

When the pistils are browning it is time to look at the trichomes with a jewelers loupe or magnifier

Here is what to look for

Clear Trichomes are still growing

Trichomes clear

Milky trichomes are mature

trichomes milky

Amber trichomes are past maturity

trichomes amber


It’s a white widow xtrm auto flower from Amsterdam marijuana seeds…been
flowering since 1st oct

Thank you i did purchase a 60-100 power mini microscope

i try to just go with plain water at least 2 weeks before harvest to flush them out


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