When to start using grow light?

My gals are just popping up. Window light is what they are getting now. When should I start using the Tao Tronics full spectrum 12w grow light?!

12 watts? Maybe 1200 watts?

12w AC85-264v 50/60HZ, What I really need to know is when to start using it. By mid-April they’ll go outside.

sadly, the sun is probably more powerful than the 12w light. I would use both until you can get some proper lighting unless you are putting them outside when it warms up. I have a feeling your plants will be stretching a lot…

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I agree with @Ron330

12w ain’t much, you should be able to use it the very second it sprouts.

I used this light inside two years ago and it worked fine. I need to know, because I forgot, when to start using it.

I would use it right away, at about 24 to 30 inches above. And move it down in height if you see the stems stretching to long. Or move it up some if heat becomes an issue (not familiar with that bulbs heat output)…

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Thanks Ron. I’ll take your advice.


feel free to post some pics of your girls when they get going, picture is worth a thousand words, lol…

So what strain are you growing…

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Two years ago I grew Blue God. Big, tall wide and very nice. Enough for me, my friends with a lot left over. This year I’m growing
Crystal which is supposed to have a high CBD content.

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a white widow x northern lights cross, very nice. I have had both separately, but not together. I have been looking for some high cbd strains, problem is I also want high thc, lol, hard to find both in one seed…

Good luck on the grow, and keep us posted on the progress…