When to start seeds for 2nd grow


I am currently in flowering stage and would like to have my seed plants ready for my light at the same time my current plants are finished. How long before harvest should i start my seeds? Any input on this would be greatly appreciated


No expert but I would say if you have another light source you could use maybe a week before hand that way you have an idea which plants you are gonna keep. And it would still give you time to clean your tent


Exactly as josh recommended. If you have a small 10-20 watt led. Or a t5 fluorescent some where you could drop them now. If not… how far into flower are u? Normally germing takes 3-7 days. And seedlings can go with a basic light for 7-10 days after. So maybe 2-3 weeks from harvest at the latest. I like to drop them as my big plant enters flower. Keep the grow going :wink::wink:


Asap… :grin: