When to start nutrients, and how often?

I’ve purchased nutrients from Amazon (I believe it’s floraboom and floramicro brand). I understand the ratios of NPK and such.

This is my first time growing and my plant is about 11 days. (Sour diesel) I’m using soil and here’s the last picture I took.

-feminized sour diesel seeds
----Floramicro: 5-0-1
----Floraboom: 0-5-4
-temperature is generally between 68-75
-humidity between 60-70%
-I’ll attach a picture of the light being used (45 watts)

My questions are, when do I start adding the nutrients? And how often do I add them? I’ve also read to not add the nutrients 100% how it says. I’ve read to do ¼ of the amount. Anyone have any suggestions?
Any additional information or experience is SO appreciated! Thanks so much

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Hey @Sskretkz Welcome to the forum. With most soils you don’t need to feed for the first 3-4 weeks. What soil are you using? With nutrients how I run(I am indoor with soil) is water, water, feed. The time in which it takes between watering is determined by the soil and the size of the roots i.e. how much water they are sucking up. For right now I would only be spraying them with water 2-3 times a day until they get a few more nodes.

your plant will not need any feeding until the cotyledons die off…that is the little round leaves that came out first.
on feeding,…most people feed every other watering…you want to start with 1/4 of recommended dosage, then gradually increase the strength as your plant shows tolerance.

That light will be fine for the first few weeks…but you will need more power to finish your grow. Listed at 45w…is probably in the 17-22 range as far as actual wattage… general rule of thumb is 26 watts per square foot minimum when using LED lighting…
if budget is an issue,…go to walmart or home depot and pick up a couple light splitters,…and some 6500k cfl bulbs… WM likely will not have the bulbs but HD will… the 100 watt equivalent bulbs are 23 actual watts each…a few splitters and you can put four bulbs in one fixture and get 92 actual watts of 6500K cfl… which would be good for a single plant, then use the led for side lighting.

if budget is less of an issue,…go on amazon and get something like a 300w mars or viparspectra led… they run between 70 and 100 US dollars each.


I thought the light was an issue- on Amazon where I bought it, it made it seem like that’s all you needed for a full grow!!

Thank you so much for the in depth response, Oak. If I have any further questions with light, may I ask you again?

I’ll have to get back to you about the soil, but when you say water water feed…
Do you mean water one day, water second day, and feed third day? And rotate it like that?

you don’t want to do it every day,lol…
water, water, feed means that you add nutes every third time you water your plants…so if you are watering every three days for example,…then you would be adding nutes to that water about every nine days…water…wait three days, water,…wait three days,…water with nutes,…wait three days,…water,…etc


Okay that’s what I thought! Sorry I’m new to growing in general too lol

With the lights, If I were to stay with the type of light I have and just get more, how many watts do you think would be good for the future stages of the plant?