When to start nutes with autos

So I’ve read autos are very nute sensitive, give them 1/4 str nutes to start, slowly move them up to half str… But my question is at what age should I start giving my auto nutes. I don’t wanna burn the lil sucker, but I also don’t wanna stunt it either since they have a 3-4 week window before they start to go in to flower. I grow in dwc if that changes anything
Thanks in advance

I’ve gave them nutrients as early as 2 weeks, it was at 1/4 strength, but I will say I always wait to add nutrients until the first clydone leaves are either wilting and or start to yellow. That’s just how and when I do it.


@Hawkeye_diesel ty man. I added 1/4 str nutes already. I half got impatient and half was worried about the seedling I had growing in the box before I started the auto. Didn’t want it to get a stunted before it’s new home got cleared out :sweat:
Hopefully I don’t mess up the auto NL trying to keep the supreme haze good :confused:
I have big plans for that supreme haze though so hopefully it’s huge root system sucks up more nutes before the ANL little root system sucks up too much

I’m with @Hawkeye_diesel on this 1 first 2 weeks just PH’d water as and when needed… get them settled and introduce nutes in stages 25% 50% 100% over the course of a week and watch closely for any signs of issues specially with the little ones :slight_smile:

@B345T I’m hydro not dirt :wink: thanks for the reply. I gave it nutes a week to early for the sake of my other seedling so next week I’ll give it 1/4 again and then 1/4-1/2 on week three

yikes runs and hides well away from my comfort zone lol hope it goes well keep us updated i have nothing but respect for hydro growers that’s skill well beyond my capability lol

Dirt seems harder to me tbh :$. I mean there was definitely a learning curve at first but if you wrap your head around the process and science of it, it’s literally just checking your ph every night when you get home from work, adding a lil pH down once in a while, and then draining your res out once a week n filling it back up with water n nutes. I can see having a 50 gallon system being hard… But my two lil dwc systems are easy peasy. Makes me wanna get a tent and a 30 gallon system :stuck_out_tongue:

@B345T check out my grow journal if you want. I have my batch of bag seeds I used to learn with flowering, a supreme haze seedling imma put in my big box once the bag seeds are out, n my northern lights auto flower all in it

I hear the results are spectacular on hydro just no room for mistakes… i don’t like dirt either to many added nutes in most of them i stick to my coco its been good to me this past 10-12 months…
do you have a link to it @Tonyb

I’ll just tag you in it. Not positive how to do links on here yet

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