When to start lights


hey I have the hydroponics system from dealzer soaked my seeds and have put them in the starter cubes, when can I start the lights , I need the heat for night time. prestly have them sitting on furnace at night. thanks…


Asap… :wink:

:v: :sunglasses:


thanks, so I can go ahead and start the lights even tho seeds haven’t come up yet?


Yes you can but not too close

What do you have for lights? @oldngrey2


Make sure if you use rapid rooters you cover the seed slightly to keep the light off the emerging root, it’ll help it work a little to get the seed casing off too. I personally add a clf bulb right away after i drop em in the rapid rooters


hey bob31 I have mars hydro 96 in a 18" x 30". about 4’ tall.family man420 don’t have a cfl . was just wondering if I could start the led lights. thanks to all of you.


Any time now. You obviously don’t NEED light until something actually emerges from the grow medium. Sooner won’t hurt anything.