When to start (light outdoors)


A question from a fellow grower:

My plants will be placed on our balcony (Orange County CA) facing west south west, second story, getting from 5 to 8hrs. average direct sun depending on the season. When can I get started if I don’t want to supplement with artificial light after germination?


Hopefully we can help you.

I know your climate is similar to mine in the heart of Florida. My first thought was what type of seed? Photoperiod or Auto?

If you plant a photo early in the season, two harvests are possible, though the first one is generally small. This also would allow you to sex the plant early, if you don’t have feminized seeds.

If the plant is an Auto, your yield will most likely suffer since our daylight hours are shorter right now. There is no second harvest with them, according to my own experience.

Either way, you would need to protect them from frost or freeze.

I guess it depends on what you plan on doing. Are the seeds good quality known strains? Just some bag seed you want to try your hand at?

Bag seed, I’d say go for it. The experience will help with future grows. If it is good quality seed, I would wait until I could get the most out of them.

No matter what you decide, we would love to help you get the best out of your grow! Just in case you haven’t already, here is plenty of good reference material for you to go over…



Plenty of people here that could be more helpful than me. We all want to help…


Being in California if you wanna use just natural light, than a good time to start is late February to mid March hope this helps :smile: