When to Start in Western PA


I want to start plants indoors, then transplant outdoors on Memorial Day weekend. That is in about eight weeks. Should I germinate now? Is eight weeks indoors about right? Thanks ILGM.


Hey @eskimo welcome to ILGM! As long as you have adequate supplemental lighting for fairly small plants you could germinate now. Then youll
have trees outside later. When you germinate be sure to soak them in ph’d water for 48 hours, then place in a ziplock bag with moist paper towel in a warm place about 80°. This will give you best germination rate. I would love to follow along when you germinate these. Don’t forget to tag people using the @ sign. @Covertgrower
Happy growing!


@eskimo If you want to do the full 8 weeks of veg indoors, you’re probably going to need at least 400 watts of light for 6 plants or so. I’m doing the same thing. I’m vegging inside and flowering outside this summer.


Here’s a fellow grower doing just that from approx the same coordinates


I think you can put photoperiod plants out in natural light on about May 1. That will give them around 12 weeks to vegetate, so they will get very big. Flowering will start in August and finish in September or early October.

If you put them out too early, they might try to flower immediately because of the long nights.