When to start flushing

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"I got gold leaf and white widow. They 63 and 60 days of flowering respectively. They are healthy at the moment and both on day 34.

When should I start flushing based on the 60 and 63 days ? 7 days before the end ?

I’m running drip re-circulation with rockwool. "

reduce ppm gradually for last 2 weeks then flush with straight ph’d water for 48-72 hours prior to harvest I like to drop my ppm to around 500 for last couple weeks and simply top off with ph’d water at this low ppm even if you don’t get full flush your plants have been eating their stored nutrients for several weeks and are mostly flushed before final flush

When did you go from growth to flowering mode? How many weeks?

I use mother plants and grow from clones so I can pretty much flower once they have roots but I tend to give my plant 4-6 weeks after they root before flipping them into flower

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Thanks for the info. Sometime in future I would be interested in learning more about cloning. Right now I have to crawl before I can walk.:relaxed: