When to start flowering

Hello, so I am growing some mango haze which are currently in about week 2 of veg. I have them on an 18/6 schedule. Couple questions. The outside plants look like there reaching sideways for the light. Should I raise it? Also, I’ve read that mango haze should be switched to 12/12 early as they can grow very tall. I have about 5’ tall grow space. When should I initiate flowering? Thanks.


It’s really all about managing your space most people will veg 6 to 10 weeks . Just take into consideration they can double in size during flowering and stretch. Topping and training also plays into it.


I can add that cannabis is mature enough to flower when it reaches 4 to 6 weeks of age.


Thanks @kellydans, @FlxerPower. I’m looking to start LST on my girls. When should I start this? Looks like I got 4 nodes now. Should I wait until another set appear? I’m doing a mix of outdoor/indoor just to compare results.

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You can start doing some training now if you like.

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